About Me

Mini Adventurer, Cyclist, Dog Lover

I'm a bit of a restless soul trying to cram every adventure I can into this short time on Earth. In my years I've raced mountain bikes, played drums all over the place among so many other things that I tend to get obsessed with.

At 43 years old (in 2019) I found out that my non-mainstream personality was largely due to me being on the autism spectrum. I think I prefer the term "neurodiverse" so as to not take away from the severe cases of autism that really get in the way of life for so many, but either way it helped me gain some perspective on why I am how I am and now I just try to be who I am.

When something captures my interest, I tend to go all in, often at the expense of everything else in my life. Hopefully documenting some of that obsessiveness here will help others take on some of the adventures I have.

Meet My Family

I became enamored with the Akita in my early 20's and these two are my current family.

Zappa is a boy named after the great Frank Zappa. Zappa and I were on TV as part of the Beverly Hills Dog show when he won the Akita breed in 2019. Luna is his younger girlfriend who fell into some bad luck during the Santa Rosa fires in California who quickly became part of our pack.

What I Believe

Experiences truly do make for a fulfilling life and I'm trying to cram in all that I can.

I'm hoping to inspire others to get the most of their free time and to provide ideas and help take the time consuming planning part away from their tasks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Really Have Sponsors?

Alright, you caught me.  I don't. But I'd sure love some. I'm hoping to connect with people offering fun adventure options in Las Vegas and writing about the experience.

What Do I Need To Become A Sponsor?

You can simply pay for having some advertising space on the site or you can have me partake in your adventure offering and I'll write about it.

Do You Have a Podcast?

Not yet, but I will.

How Can I Contact You?

Click that little mail logo on the top left of the page and it should trigger an email to be sent to me.

I’m always looking for incredible people and partners, let’s get in touch!

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