Lifestyle Trails - Jeep Trails for Posers

Lifestyle Trails - Jeep Trails for Posers

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Jeep Trails for Posers (And Rentals)

I recently learned of the term "Lifestyle Trails" referring to 4X4 trails that are so mellow that most stock 4X4 vehicles would be able to navigate them, and especially any Jeep Wrangler. As much as my Rubicon is capable of much more, I have to admit that these are the trails I like most. For now, I like my Jeep to stay looking pretty and not needing much mechanical or cosmetic work after an adventure. I plan to write a lot about these types of trails as they are pretty relaxing and can take you to places with few people and majestic views...

Hint, Hint, You Can Rent a Jeep from Avis...

I must start with a disclaimer here and say that I wouldn't go advertising to your rental agent that you're planning on going wheeling, and in no way at all am I to be held liable for any bad luck or decisions that may come your way... But... The trails I label on this blog as "lifestyle trails" should all be rather friendly for a stock Jeep of any type and can take you to some incredibly remote and peaceful places. The temperatures are often 20-30 degrees cooler than in Las Vegas and you can go play in the snow almost six months out of the year...

But, Be Prepared

Preparation Is Key

Water, sunscreen, a fully charged cell phone, a helping hand and good judgement are all things you'll need to bring along with you